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Affinity is about delivering authentic democracy to ensure freedom and personal liberty for all

Fuller information will be provided on our main website,
for all that is listed below - and much more!

Some of what is included in Smart Democracy

Smart Parliamentary Platform

Used to create the Manifesto, to create a Constitution. Timely deliverance. No U-turns.

New House of Lords

Elected by the People of Britain.

New House of Commons

Change of its use whereby no voting takes place but where all MP's publicly debate issues arising using only empirical evidence to base their opinions.

Four Houses of Assembly for Regional Self-Governance

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Replace the Cabinet with a Board of Trustees

National and Foreign issues only. Members proportionate to population of each Regional Assembly.

All Councils

Overhaul of their boundaries and responsibilities, including Planning, Building and Safety procedures and regulations.

Primary Areas of Concern

National Health Service

Restructured, resourced, and funded according to settlement of population to restore fast and efficient care.


Strict control of our borders. Prioritise British workers. Immigration for unfulfilled vacancies by invitation only.

Law and Order

New laws and proper resources to minimise crime, to make our streets safer.


Restructured, resourced, and funded according to settlement of population to achieve higher academic standards. New rewarding student schemes.


Real solutions to ensure sufficient finance for buyers and affordable housing for tenants, and for the private rental sector to be fully regulated.

Retirement / Pensions

Fairer pensions schemes. Guaranteed security of pensions funds. New exciting retirement options.


Terms of Exit

If left to the current Parliament, the terms of exit from the EU are highly likely to be disguised as Leave, but be sympathetic with Remain. If that happens, EU take note... Affinity will undo the 'Agreement' and proceed to ensure the decision made by the People of Britain is upheld.

Home and International Trade and Industry

When we Leave the EU, Britain will be free to trade with whomever it sees fit. All British businesses will prosper from new trade agreements and fresh and substantial investment in Britain.

Business Solutions

Affinity is bursting with new 'outside the box', Fresh Start methods of encouraging businesses to grow and prosper.

Your Money

New Taxation System

One simplified income tax - no national insurance. Special low rate of tax for health, police, fire brigade, armed forces, and coastguard personnel.


A new national bank that will pay 10% interest on savings and 8% on current accounts.


Complete overhaul of economic structure geared entirely to promote personal and commercial growth.

Your Rights


There is no such thing as a black or white person. Are we not lighter and darker shades of the same colour? At the very least, equality in the workplace and elsewhere, and in life, between gender, race, religion, and age shall prevail.

Human Rights

Put simply, those who go about their lives in a law-abiding manner deserve, and get, protection from those that don't.

New Freedom of Living Policy

People should be able to live their life as they see fit provided that they are lawful, they are not a nuisance to others, they do not willingly become a burden on the economy by their actions. A whole new chapter that ensures people's liberty, that protects the People's right to fair-play, that will shock the lazy... will be found in the main website.

In Addition...

Animal Welfare

Empowering Enforcement Agencies to prosecute if animals are found to be mistreated and provide a safe environment and rehabilitation for abused pets/animals. Uphold the Hunting Act 2004 and if the People choose, the ban will apply to all wild animals throughout Britain.


Implement new National schemes to the benefit of Parents, Employers and Nurseries/Childcare and to raise the standard of Nurseries/Childcare across Britain by setting a new minimum requirement standard.


New strict measures to protect our Ecosystem and to control important environmental issues, such as Pollution, Climate Change, Global Warming, Deforestation, Overpopulation, Industrial and Household waste, Acid rain, Ozone Layer Depletion, Genetic Engineering and Urban Sprawl.

Constituency Facilities

650 New smart-style constituency offices to include local TV and radio, and a branch of YourBANK.

Voting Methods

New method of voting to guarantee 100% turnout at the polls and e-polls.


Written by the People using the Smart Parliamentary Platform. Obeyed by Westminster.

The Parallel Parliament

You will be invited to the opening ceremony of The Parallel Parliament. This will be a major event to mark the beginning of a new era.


We will have e-Voting stations installed around Britain - in cafes, restaurants, Post Offices, Waiting Rooms, to name but a few. Via participating banks ATMs. Online at our Smart Parliamentary Platform using your PC, Tablet or smart device. As well as keeping our traditional voting methods by voting in person at your local constituency office, or by post.


Advancements in technology are moving at an astonishing rate. Although we must embrace it, we must also plan to merge with it.

Some Other Significant Differences

Affinity Guarantee

We are so confident of having the mind and skill-set to repair Britain and more effectively manage Brexit that the National Management Group, not the taxpayer, will underwrite its promises by placing on deposit with a major British bank a Performance 'Accountability' Bond payable to you if we fail to deliver.

Why 2020?

You may ask why we are saying that 2020 is the year for the next General Election given that a snap-election was held this year, 2017. Surely 2017 plus the normal term of 5 years means it should be 2022? NO!

Real Accountability

Managing Britain's affairs is a very serious matter. The performance of duty of all decision-makers in national, regional, and local government will be assessed every year. The successful personnel will enjoy continued service. The failures will be fired!

Call to Action

'Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at something worth doing.'
'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change Britain. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'